Published by Pioneer Utility Resources
Michael Shepard, President/CEO

Editorial Offices: 5625 NE Elam Young Parkway
Suite 100
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Circulation: 330,000 • Trim size: 8 3/8″ by 10 3/4″


Magazine Staff

  • Leon Espinoza, VP of Content (
  • Mike Teegarden, Editorial Director (
  • Chasity Anderson, Assistant Editor
  • Jennifer Brown, Assistant Editor
  • Victoria Hampton, Associate Editor
  • David Herder, Associate Editor
  • Valeri Pearon, Assistant Editor
  • Nina Todea, Assistant Editor
  • Elizabeth Beatty, Publications Production Manager
  • Alyssa McDougle, Publications Coordinator


General Advertising Rates

Nonmember display advertising welcome. Rates and specifications available upon request. Published last week of each month, datelined for upcoming month.

Founded in 1954 by Northwest electric cooperatives to meet critical communications needs, Pioneer Utility Resources (formerly Ruralite) today produces more than 50 editions of statewide-style electric utility magazines under three names, Ruralite in the West; Currents primarily in the Southwest and Hawaii; and Florida Currents in the Sunshine State. Pioneer also provides digital, web and social-media services and produces additional custom publications and newsletters for consumer-owned utilities across the nation.

Ruralite magazine, the flagship publication, reaches more than 330,000 homes. Currents, Florida Currents and Kauai Island Cooperative Currents magazines reach another 131,000 households, more than a million readers in all.

From the arctic to the Florida Keys, each customized issue of these consumer-friendly magazines honors cooperative principles by seeking to shine a light, share important information and spur positive action. Ruralite is published 12 times a year.

Currents is published six times a year. KIUC Currents, a quarterly publication, is customized specifically for Kauai.