Florida Currents

Published by Pioneer Utility Resources
Michael Shepard, President/CEO

Editorial Offices: 5625 NE Elam Young Parkway, Suite 100
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Circulation: 99,000 • Trim size: 8 3/8″ by 10 3/4″



Magazine Staff

  • Leon Espinoza, VP of Content (lespinoza@pur.coop)
  • Mike Teegarden, Editorial Director (mteegarden@pur.coop)
  • Chasity Anderson, Florida Currents Editor
  • Jennifer Brown, Assistant Editor
  • Brandon Pomrenke, Assistant Editor
  • Victoria Hampton, Associate Editor
  • David Herder, Associate Editor
  • Elizabeth Beatty, Publications Production Manager
  • Alyssa McDougle, Publications CoordinatorAndy Neidert, VP Business Development and Strategy


General Advertising Rates

Nonmember display advertising welcome. Rates and specifications available, upon request. Published around the 14th of each month, datelined for upcoming month.

As a voice of Florida’s electric cooperatives, Florida Currents serves nearly 100,000 households. The consumer-friendly magazines—customized each month for individual utility partners—focus on personality features, local outdoor and travel activities, the safe and efficient use of electricity, food and stories of general interest. Each issue seeks to honor cooperative principles by shining a light, building community and serving the greater good.

Florida Currents