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SEA was formed on Aug. 7, 1963, as the National Electric Cooperatives Editorial Association; the current name was adopted on Aug. 20, 1995. Predecessor organizations included the National Rural Electric Cooperative Press Association (April 22, 1947, to July 8, 1958) and the Rural Electric Consumer Publications Cooperative (July 8, 1958, to Aug. 7, 1963).

2024 Officers

Lenore Vickrey (Alabama), President
Leon Espinoza, (Ruralite), Vice President
Cally Peterson, (North Dakota), Secretary-Treasurer


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SEA Past Presidents, 1947-2020

2014 Haggard Award Winner – Video and News Release


“Telling the co-op story” – Check out this October 2002 article from Rural Electric (RE) Magazine on the role, importance and massive reach of electric cooperative statewide publications.

Private Utility Propaganda and the Creation of Wisconsin REA News (PDF) — This thesis looks at why electric cooperatives in the Badger State decided to establish their own magazine, the first of 32 electric cooperative statewide consumer publications now in circulation.