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The National Electric Cooperatives Statewide Editors Association (SEA) supports electric cooperative statewide consumer publications and the people who produce them through training and education activities. For information about a specific state’s magazine, click on the state in the map or go to the drop down menu above.

Welcome to the Statewide Editors Association

There are 32 statewide magazines, which reach 12 million readers in 42 states served by cooperatives. Combined, statewide magazines are the third largest consumer publication in the United States.

SEA was formed on Aug. 7, 1963, as the National Electric Cooperatives Editorial Association; the current name was adopted on Aug. 20, 1995. Predecessor organizations included the National Rural Electric Cooperative Press Association (April 22, 1947, to July 8, 1958) and the Rural Electric Consumer Publications Cooperative (July 8, 1958, to Aug. 7, 1963).